Topics of Interest
Topics of Interest

The 19th Islands of the World Conference will cover a wide range of research topics. Please make sure that the topic of your research fits within to the main one of the offered sub-themes. 

Main Theme

Islands and Resilience: Global Opportunities

Topics of interest

1. Climate change and environment
2. Island governance
3. Blue economy
4. Island cultures
5. Island networks and digital ecosystems
6. Island and small state development

Climate Change and Environmental Issue

Small Islands

Blue Economy

  • Climate changes and environmental Issues
  • Climate and islands sustainability
  • Environmental vulnerability
  • etc
  • Islands economy
  • Islands governability studies
  • etc
  • Blue foods studies
  • Marine tourism
  • Blue energy studies
  • etc

Islands Culture

Small Islands Networks and Digital Ecosystem

Islands and Small Islands Develompent Issue

  • Islands sociology
  • Islands cultural and etnology
  • etc
  • Islands digital ecosystems
  • Small Islands network
  • etc
  • Islands economy
  • Islands governability studies
  • etc
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