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General Information

Indonesia, the largest archipelagic state in the world, has more than 17,000 islands stretching across the equator. Indonesia is one of the countries with a mega diversity of coastal and marine resources, including mangroves, seagrass, coral reefs, fisheries, and tourism.


Please join us at the 19th Islands of the World Conference 2024 in Indonesia. The conference will be held on June 25-29, 2024, in Lombok Island, a beautiful island in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The conference venue is the University of Mataram, Mataram City–an exotic city in southeast Indonesia. IPB University, Archipelagic and Islands States Forum, and the University of Mataram organize the conference.


The main theme of the conference is “Islands and Resilience: Global Opportunities”. A topic that is becoming a big challenge for scientists and managers of small islands to build appropriate governance and sustainable development. The subtheme will cover climate changes and environmental issues, small island governance, blue economy, island cultures, small island networks and digital ecosystems, and island and small islands development issues. The conference will discuss topics related to, but not limited to, climate and island sustainability, environmental vulnerability, island economy, island governance studies, blue foods studies, marine tourism, blue energy studies, island sociology, island culture and ethnology, island digital ecosystem, small island network, island economy, and others.


The host will provide travel grants for students with excellent papers to strengthen and expand the forum. The committee has also prepared several locations for excursions, including Gili Gede Island, Gita Nada Island, Gili Petagan Island, Gili Bidara Island, Gili Pasir Island, and others. Islands with diverse resources and management models, both for tourism, fisheries, and conservation.


This conference will be a promising discussion forum for international and national presenters, participants, students, scientists, practitioners, and local communities. As the first small islands international conference in Indonesia, we are sure that many exciting topics will be presented and examined as milestones for developing small islands and archipelagos.  The exchange of knowledge, ideas, experiences, and management practices of small islands will be a pleasant process on the island which is the center point of the Indonesian archipelago. And the conference will be an excellent forum for new members of the association.

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